WEB Development

People are living in a modern world and the internet is their first helper when decisions have to be made.
If you want to properly introduce yourself and what you or your company does – you’ll need a website. 

Speed, design, functionality, and a clean code are the main goals when we’re creating the website for you. As a team of professional freelancers we can offer this at a competitive price rate.

The creation of corporate identity – brand logos

Corporate identity and the logo will be the first things that will be seen by your clients. Having a good and eye-catching logo is important – one must fit your field of specialty and be easily identifiable by people. It’s the visual identity that speaks with customers without any words. Let us help you create the story, the vision, that will be behind your logo!

Development of e-shops

Selling stuff on the internet is the future. Use the opportunity and get e-shop solutions from us. Based on your needs, you’ll be able to sell more stuff. It will be available 24/7. The e-shop can be available for your country only, be worldwide or anywhere inbetween. We can offer a variety of e-shop functionalities and solutions based on your needs. Importing from your inventory database, auto quantity updates, market analysis, and more.  These are only a few of many solutions that you can get! Become an owner of your e-shop without leaving your home!

SEO and e-marketing solutions

There is more to websites than just visuals and overall functionality. If you’re not found on Google (and sometimes Bing) – you’re not on the internet.
We offer SEO services to optimize  your website for search engines, personalized advertising, re-marketing, re-targeting and more! All this combined helps you reach wider audiences in a shorter span of time which helps to accelerate your business and to get customers from other sites into your e-shop!


from 600 €/$
we offer:
Unique website design
WEB programming?
Responsive layout?
Content Management System?
Data entry into a website
And more...
Company logo
from 150 €/$
we offer:
Unique logo
Color, non-color formats
And more...